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…I’m a screenwriter. I write shorts, TV and film scripts. And I also read and help edit others’ projects.

My Osaka-based writing accountability buddy

I’ve been writing scripts for over 20 years, since I wrote my first screenplay for my BA in Film.

Since then, alongside a professional comms career, I’ve been writing scripts at weekends, in evenings and when on annual leave.

Since recently achieving an MA Screenwriting with Distinction from London College of Communication, I’m fully focused on becoming a full-time, paid screenwriter and editor.

THIS is why I love this team – they played with a smile on their faces and seized the moment, didn’t get crushed by pressure. I hope our men’s team can approach the world cup with a similar approach – enjoy it and embrace it! 😃

Sky Sports@SkySports

Just your standard Sarina Wiegman press conference 🤣

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