About Me

Me with a new friend in The Azores

Whatever I’ve done in my life, it’s been based in some way on stories. Whether scaring school friends with tales of strange apparitions and devilish parents, taking role players on exciting adventures as a Games Master, writing feature articles, or helping railway employees feel pride in their company’s heritage.

Having studied Film at university (where I typed out my first full-length script on an Olivetti word processor), I initially got involved in some productions, helping to flesh out stories, while writing  my own shorts and feature scripts as I became first a journalist, and later an internal communications professional. As well as producing a short film, I entered competitions with the odd bite of success, which encouraged me to keep going.

In late 2019, I decided to commit to studying an MA in Screenwriting at UAL, with the aim of developing my skills and building contacts to pursue a career as a professional storyteller who will move, excite and engage audiences.

Reader, I graduated with a Distinction.

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