My writing

Examples of my writing (spec short scripts here). Expect to see more added to this list in the coming months and years…

In Country (2021)

Logline: When a teenage boy is murdered in a small UK town, his parents must piece together what their son was involved in, and will fight to protect their son’s pregnant girlfriend from a county lines drug gang hunting for stolen money.
Crime-adjacent drama pilot (60pp) 

Full script discoverable on Coverfly

Quarter Final: WeScreenplay TV Pilot competition (2021)

Ripples In Romania (2021)

Logline: A naive hairdresser sets out to help Romanian orphans in 1990, which rapidly takes over her life when she must take donations from her tiny Somerset village into deepest Romania, with help from a foul-mouthed lorry driver and hippy Christians. In doing, she so brings people together across Europe, in her village and in her own family. An uplifting British comedy-drama.
Feature script (105pp)

Preview: Ripples In Romania (First 10 pages)

Full script discoverable on Coverfly

Quarter Final: Stage 32 Feature Drama Screenwriting Contest


Remembrance (2020)

Logline: Unready for the birth of his first child, James is helped in coming to terms with fatherhood by his father, an ex-soldier trying to make amends for his own absence during James’s childhood.
Short script (10pp)

Official Selection: HollyShorts Screenwriting Competition
Semi Final: Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards (5th)

For more short spec scripts visit the Short Scripts page.

Visitor (2020)

A two-minute monologue written for theatrical agency NG Personal Management, produced with an actor and director, for ‘NGPM’s Monologue Meet 2020’. We came 5th out of 21 entries, as judged by industry panellists.

New Eden (2018)

Logline: When mankind’s last colony ship reaches its destination, its Executive Officer must stop a mutiny that threatens not only the ship, but humanity’s continued existence.
Feature script (105pp)

Full script discoverable on Coverfly

Quarter Final: Screencraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition
Quarter Final: Final Draft Big Break

Illegal Aliens (2016)

Logline: In this sci-fi comedy, a Border Force bureaucrat discovers aliens being forced to work on a sheep farm, but after falling in love with the farmer’s daughter he is forced to save both the aliens and the farm from the authorities.
Feature script (94pp)

Script and Continuity Department

When Evil Calls (2006)

Logline: A mysterious chain text message grants schoolchildren their wildest desires, but with unforeseen consequences.
Initially developed as first made-for-mobile horror series, it was later collated into a feature for DVD release. I helped develop some of the initial storylines and structure.

If you want to read these or any other examples of my work, then get in touch.