Short Scripts

A selection of my spec short scripts (unproduced). Written for myself, but happy to discuss them being filmed in return for a writing credit.

If you’d like to find out more, or a synopsis interests you as a possible project, then contact me.

Unready for the birth of his first child, James is helped in coming to terms with fatherhood by his father, an ex-soldier trying to make amends for his own absence during James’s childhood. (10pp)

Official Selection: HollyShorts Screenwriting Competition
Semi Final: Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards (5th)

Romantic Gesture
A debt collector gets more than he bargained for when he finds love with a reclusive artist. (11pp)

In Dreams
A narcoleptic widower loses his job but gets a pleasant surprise after doing a good deed at a stranger’s funeral. (10pp)

OAP Mafia
A couple upset their geriatric new neighbours and are made to pay for their lack of respect. (16pp)

Survival of the Fittest
Four climbing friends make a one way trip up a cliff face. (15pp)

Bank Deposit
A man’s dream of reuniting with his ex isn’t quite what it seems. (8pp)

The Waterstone family’s matriarch gets her own back over Christmas dinner. (5pp)