Script Editing

Having just spent 15 months reading and writing reports on my MA peers’ treatments, outlines and scripts (and taking notes given on my own work!), I’m keen to keep this going as I really enjoyed helping other writers write the best possible work they can.
I can read your projects, whether outlines or drafts for a modest fee.
I promise to help you identify reasons why an act break or storyline isn’t quite working, or perhaps why your script loses momentum in the second half of Act Two.
But I understand how difficult it can be for writers to release their darlings into the world. I won’t just pick faults, but focus more on suggesting avenues for development/exploration to help inspire you.
I aim to produce reports breaking down:
  • Characters (arcs and motivations)
  • Structure
  • Dramatic conflict
  • Style/tone and genre
  • And more…
To find out more contact me.